Our company undertakes a variety of projects, regardless of the construction material of the yacht, e.g. aluminium or sheet metal and more. Depending on the size of the work required as well as the construction materials for the completion of the project, our company in exclusive agreement with the customer negotiates for any repair that will be carried out on board.

In case of delays due to external issues, for example due to strikes and quarantine measures imposed due to Covid- 19, a new work schedule will be planned and agreed between our company and the client.

Www.johngioulountas.com respects the privacy of your personal information and seeks to protect it. Our company does not collect personal data unless you provide it voluntarily.

Www.johngioulountas.com may use the personal data you provide voluntarily to contact you.

Www.johngioulountas.com does not share information with third parties, does not sell or rent to third parties contact lists or your personal data, nor does it supply third parties with this data. Lastly, our company does not use this data for purposes other than communicating with you and informing you about its issues.

We work with a variety of companies to achieve the best possible service and satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to offer the customer a variety of options, regarding the supply of equipment, paints, etc. We are open to any communication to achieve an excellent cooperation as well an exceptional result.

Our company undertakes projects anywhere in Greece, Cyprus and abroad, in order to please our customers. Depending on the size of the business and the cost of labour and equipment, we always try to offer competitive prices.

Our company, John Gioulountas - Paintworks offers a guarantee on any work it undertakes to complete, as well as colour certification.